Key Learnings From The Dairy Of A CEO | 33 Laws Of Business And Life

Learnings From The Dairy Of A CEO – 33 Laws Of Business And Life Lets Discuss Each And Every Law In My Point Of View

Day 1: Insights from The Diary of a CEO – Learnings From The Dairy Of A CEO

In ‘Diary of a CEO,’ 33 laws guide business and life. Today, I’ll discuss the first law, highlighting the significance of filling our five buckets in the correct sequence:

  1. Knowledge: What we understand
  2. Skills: What we can perform
  3. Network: Who we’re connected with
  4. Resources: What we possess
  5. Reputation: How we’re perceived by the world

The initial focus should be on knowledge and skills, as they are paramount. Knowledge, when applied, transforms into skills. By leveraging these skills, we contribute value to society, expanding our network and acquiring resources. This, in turn, indirectly influences our reputation.

It’s important to note that the first two buckets are immune to theft—thus, invest in them wisely.”

Day 2: Insights from Diary of a CEO – Learnings From The Dairy Of A CEO

The second law from ‘Diary of a CEO’ emphasises that to master something, you must commit to teaching it. This idea echoes the wisdom of Yogi Bhajan, who said:

  • To learn, read about it.
  • To understand, write about it.
  • To master, teach it.

True mastery involves public and consistent practice. If you can’t explain a complex concept to a child, you haven’t truly understood it.

This principle resonates with the Feynman Technique:

  1. Learn
  2. Teach it to someone new
  3. Receive feedback
  4. Have them teach it back
  5. If they struggle, revisit step one

In many cases, the teacher in the room learns the most.

Day 3: Insights from Diary of a CEO – Learnings From The Dairy Of A CEO

Law 3: Never Disagree

In ‘Diary of a CEO,’ we learn that healthy relationships involve tackling problems together, whereas unhealthy ones involve working against each other.

A key principle is to avoid starting conversations with disagreement. Instead, we should aim to disagree less by listening and understanding others’ perspectives.

In business, this principle is crucial. When teams focus on understanding each other and collaboratively solving problems, they become more productive and innovative. Conflict is natural, but how we approach it can determine the success of our relationships and businesses.

By listening and understanding first, we can build stronger collaborations and businesses.”

📘 Day 4: Learnings from “Diary of a CEO” – Learnings From The Dairy Of A CEO

I’m Writing on the fourth law from “Diary of a CEO,” which explores the concept that we do not get to choose what we believe.

Often, our most deeply held beliefs are based on trust and love for those who hold them, rather than concrete evidence.

Consider this: how confident are you in your beliefs, especially when faced with new evidence? The process of changing our beliefs involves evaluating our current evidence and confidence, as well as the new evidence and its credibility.

It’s important to note that our desire for certain beliefs, whether they are good news or align with our wishes, can cloud our judgment. The growth zone, where change and improvement happen, lies beyond our comfort and familiarity.

Remember, facing your fears and doing things you’re not yet qualified to do is a path to growth. Embrace the unknown and challenge your beliefs—it’s where true growth begins. 🌱💭

Conclusion – Learnings From The Dairy Of A CEO

  • Law 1: Embrace Not Knowing – It’s okay to admit when you don’t have all the answers; learning is a lifelong process.
  • Law 4: Beliefs Are Earned, Not Chosen – Our beliefs are often influenced by trusted sources, and changing them requires examining new evidence and confronting fears.
  • Law 5: Growth Thrives in Discomfort – True personal and professional growth occurs when we step out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves.
  • Law 10: Vulnerability Fuels Connection – Being open and vulnerable can lead to deeper connections with others and personal growth.
  • Law 13: Detach from Your Thoughts – You are not defined by your thoughts; you can observe them without being controlled by them.
  • Law 20: Embrace the Journey – Life and business are full of ups and downs; embracing the journey, including its challenges, is essential for growth.
  • Law 24: Happiness Is Internal – True happiness is not solely dependent on external achievements; it comes from within.
  • Law 26: Fear Is Deceptive – Fear often distorts reality and prevents us from taking necessary risks for growth.
  • Law 31: Find Peace in Chaos – Life is unpredictable, so learning to adapt and finding beauty in chaos can lead to a more fulfilling life.


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